About Us

Cymatics Lab is located in the shadows of the Cascade mountain range in mostly sunny Bend, Oregon. We're a small but mighty team (like my wife and I) building handcrafted, easy to use Chladni plates that are as much art as they are science.


For me, it all started with this video. While the video quality left much to be desired, the content blew me away. I was fascinated by how sound can affect matter to the point where seemingly organic shapes came out of thin air. I felt like I was looking at living cells of the body or ocean plankton animated by sound. It gave me goosebumps and I needed more.

The Chladni Plate

Cymatics was this amazing discovery for me, like I discovered a secret. Turns out that the science has been around since the late 1700's pioneered by the work of Ernst Chladni. His "Chladni Plate" has been used to study and demonstrate acoustic resonance ever since and it really hasn't changed much.

Complicated & Expensive

So I needed a Chladni plate. I started piecing together the equipment necessary to construct my own plate. Lab supply stores had the mechanical wave driver, the sine wave generator, the steel plate, etc. to construct my own but it was... well... lab equipment... which was bulky, complicated, expensive, and ugly. The equipment certainly didn't match up with the beautiful, natural shapes that are created purely by sound. There had to be a better way.

Cymatics For The People

The goal of SoundScribe was to make Cymatics affordable and accessible to all. Everyone has a laptop or smartphone, so let's use that. These devices can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth so let's get rid of the wires. The lab equipment alternative is bulky and antiquated, let's make something sleek and modern. Let's also leave our beautiful, natural patterns out for all to enjoy. Talk about a conversation starter!

SoundScribe Plus

Research and development around this product has been non-stop since 2018. Big refinements, little tweaks, and new capabilities have been added leading us to the release of SoundScribe Plus. We're very happy with it and are confident that you will be too.